Comeup NZ is your direct link to the Comeup range of premium vehicle and industrial winches. With a market ever more flooded with a mass of no name Chinese winches It was felt the time was right to give presence to one of the worlds leading winch manufacturers, a company that began in 1975 and has grown to become one of the 3 largest in the world. Comeup NZ is a company dedicated to bringing the full range of utility, automotive, and industrial winches to you, our customers in New Zealand.

With just the two of us we are a small business but we know our business. Between us we have over thirty years of experience, sourcing, selling and servicing winches. We understand winches and the wide and varied applications in which they are used. Our aim is to provide you with a long term, reliable, real world solution to your winching needs. We do this by listening to you, understanding the critical issues and matching the best winch to the task. Then we back it up with the best after sales service and support you’ll find in the land. Whether your requirement is commercial or recreational we’ll have the right winch and the right advice. 

We invite you; Comeup to the top where you’ll find

  • Professionals to able talk to you in your terms about your specific needs,
  • New Zealands largest  and most comprehensive range of winches
  • Straight up and honest advice about your application and the best winch options for it.
  • Quality goods from a long standing , time tested and proven manufacturer.
  • A business that stands behind the product it sells, one that places a high importance on your satisfaction, one that honours the factory warranty.
  • You’ll leave with a sense of confidence in the product and the people you just did business with.